Limassol, the vibrant second-largest city in Cyprus, is a treasure trove of attractions, catering to diverse interests. The city’s allure lies in its expansive sandy coastlines, crystal-clear azure waters, and a captivating Old Town brimming with historic buildings. An ideal destination for family getaways or romantic escapades, Limassol offers an array of activities. For hassle-free exploration, rely on our reliable Limassol Taxi service, ensuring comfortable travels in and around this radiant city.

The picturesque Old Town of Limassol is a captivating maze of narrow cobblestone streets, vibrant with life and color. Centered around Limassol Castle, where Richard the Lionheart tied the knot, it hosts the Medieval Museum of Cyprus, among the island’s finest museums. The castle, showcasing Turkish architectural elements from its Ottoman-era reconstruction in 1590, stands as a beacon of historical significance. For history enthusiasts, the archaeological marvel of Kourion unveils a Roman-Greek heritage, offering an amphitheater, baths, and splendid ancient villas adorned with breathtaking mosaics.

This vibrant district boasts trendy bars, gourmet eateries, and upscale shops. St. Andrew’s Street presents chic boutiques and bespoke tailors, offering made-to-measure attire, while Makarios Avenue features designer outlets. Also nestled in the historic quarter is Limassol’s Old Port, a delightful hub for savoring delectable seafood, offering a picturesque view of colorful fishing boats gently bobbing in the harbor waters.

Venturing eastward unveils the Cathedral, Agia Napa, a spectacular architectural gem from the 19th century, alongside some of Cyprus’s finest beaches. Dasoudi Beach, graced with a Blue Flag, presents a pebbled sandy paradise ideal for basking in the sun’s warmth. To mingle with locals, Lady’s Mile Beach beckons, while Governor’s Beach offers serene seclusion within its beautiful limestone cove. Meander towards the municipal gardens, a public park housing a small zoo and an amphitheater, hosting the annual September Wine Festival.

Taxi services in Limassol ensure convenient travels to these magnificent destinations, allowing you to revel in the cultural heritage and natural wonders that Limassol proudly offers.


Unwind with a cocktail and a good read on the pristine sands of Dasoudi Beach!

Delve into Limassol’s ancient history through Kourion’s evocative ruins and theaters.

Stroll along the promenade, relishing the sea breeze during sunset.

Explore St. Andrew’s Street, discovering boutiques selling bespoke shoes and clothing!

Immerse yourself in Cyprus’s cultural heritage at Limassol’s diverse museums, from the Archaeological Museum to the Medieval Museum housed in Limassol Castle.

Limassol’s abundant offerings make it a coveted destination, so plan ahead and secure accommodations at the finest spots in Limassol.

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